Internship Guide


How To Get An Internship is a FREE and comprehensive guide for all students on how they can secure internships and paid vacationer program placements.

The sister to How To Get A Grad Job, this guide outlines every step of the application process to help YOU maximise your opportunity to secure an internship today.

How To Get An Internship


In How To Get An Internship, your free 14,000+ word and 50+ page guide, you’ll learn this and more:

1. How and where to get a paid, structured internship
2. How to avoid unpaid, exploitative ‘internships’
3. Why securing an internship is such an important step to getting a paid, full-time graduate job
4. How to write the best written responses for your internship applications
5. Tips and tricks to ace online tests
6. A list of potential interview questions with suggested responses
7. The biggest mistake that students make when applying for internships
8. Why the #1 piece of advice a recruiter told me three years ago is now redundant
9. The best conventional and non-conventional ways to be ‘well rounded’
10. Why soft skills are more important than you think
11. Steps to make your application stand out from the rest
12. An introvert’s guide to effective networking
13. An insight into what an intern’s and graduate’s life is like

Plus much more tips and tricks!

TESTIMONIALS for “How To Get A Grad Job”

“Hey Michelle, just wanted to say thanks for publishing your book. Throughout my degree and within my uni, we weren’t taught how competitive the accounting industry is when it comes to landing a grad role. Your book really opened up my eyes, and this year (2017) I received 3 Big 4 offers. Thanks again!”
Hoang Steven Lai, Western Sydney University student

“How To Get A Grad Job is an incredibly useful, comprehensive guide which covers all the elements of the oft-unspoken process leading up to the first job after university. As an international student currently thick in the middle of grad job applications, I know more than most about the process, yet have still found value in reading the guide. This is testament to Michelle’s ability to cover all bases; from the famed networking and soft skills down to interview questions and current employer demands.”
– Sameer Jalees, University of Melbourne student

“This is the perfect guide for university students who are on their graduate job search. It covers many important areas like what skills make one an attractive candidate to prospective employers and what to expect and look out for during the interview process. I am so glad that I was able to discover this guide. It has cleared up many of my doubts and set me on a clearer path to my ongoing graduate job search.”
Clement Chye, University of Melbourne student

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