tl;dr – How to get a grad job explained in 3 points

1. How To Get A Grad Job/Internship is a free and (very) comprehensive guide for all students about how they can secure a graduate job.

2. It is written and published by Michelle La – someone who is passionate about helping university students find a graduate job.  What motivated me to do this? Read my personal story below.

3. This guide not only summarises and condenses many hours of research for every step of the application process, it is also a compilation of my own personal failures, experiences and successes. I hope that it will offer you your best opportunity to secure an internship or graduate job.

my personal story

I was rejected from over 50 graduate programs.

Like too many other students, I found it incredibly difficult and competitive to secure a graduate job.

By the time I was in my final year of university, I had above average grades, been a committee member on three different student societies, held several casual/part time jobs, was a self-employed piano teacher, completed two volunteering placements, studied abroad on a university fully-funded scholarship at a summer school program in the United States and studied on exchange in the United Kingdom.

I say all of this not to gloat, but to highlight how – despite all of my endeavours – I was rejected over 50 times and was unable to get a graduate job in the field I wanted (marketing).

I had no idea what I had done incorrectly, nor did I have much of an idea of how to improve.

What I knew for sure was something had to change.

I spent hundreds of hours researching what I could do better to ‘add value’ to myself and how I could improve my responses to every step of the application process.

By the time the next graduate applications opened, I applied and succeeded in getting the marketing job I wanted.

How To Get A Grad Job was written so that I could share every step of my experience in securing a graduate job – from my background preparation, to my extra-curricular involvement, to every part of the application process and all the tips and tricks I’ve learnt along the way.

the stats speak for themselves

Despite being Australia’s most educated generation in a history, students are finding it tougher than ever to find themselves a graduate job after completing their studies.

Graduate Careers Australia reports that 32% of bachelor graduates from the class of 2014 did not have a full-time job four months after graduating.

This has got to change.

From one (ex) student to another…

I want future students (you!) to benefit from the many mistakes I’ve made in my past applications, learn from my (subsequent) numerous hours of research and have the VERY best opportunity for success.